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The Road to Episode 100

Billy Orme performing stand up comedy
Billy Orme

I realize that it's not a milestone, but today I released episode 89 of the Art of Bombing. Not only are we coming up on our two year anniversary, but episode 100 is quickly approaching and we're almost to 10k downloads.

I have some cool things planned for episode 100, but I also want to make this episode a community event. With that said I need your help. If you're an avid listener of the podcast I want to hear from you. Send in a comment, tell me about something you've taken away form the show, how it's helped you, your favorite episode perhaps, or what ever you want to say. I plan to share these on episode 100, because without you there would be no episode 100.

If you want to participate you can tweet @artofbomingpod, send and email to theartofbombingpod@gmail.com, or fill out the contact form. Thanks again for supporting the show!

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