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Targeting Your Audience

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"Who's your target audience?"

Last week an incident happened on Facebook that inspired me to write this. As a comedian we often get friend requests from other comedians. Most of the time we don't even know them personally and we haven't even worked with them either. This was the case in this situation. I accepted a friend request from a comedian I had never met. That comedian then immediately invited me to like all of their Facebook fan pages. While I appreciate their hustle I unfriended that comedian. That led me to think about target audiences for especially with events and fan pages on Facebook. We are building a brand and how we market that brand tells a lot about us.

Who's your target audience? You may not even know the answer to this question, because you probably haven't even asked yourself this question. Honestly until I started going to school for marketing I didn't really think about this question either. However it is an important question to ask and to answer because knowing the answer can ultimately lead to our success or failure. When it comes time to invite people to your event or fan page it's important to take the time to define who you'll invite.

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"Don't be lazy and by that I mean don't just use the "invite all" function."

Don't be lazy and by that I mean don't just

use the "invite all" function. Think about who your inviting to your events. I know you're busy and you're trying to beat the "algorithms", but good marketing takes effort. For instance, it doesn't make sense to invite another comedian to your show. If they're not on the show or a really good friend they will most likely will not go to your show, because they're probably performing elsewhere.

Another big "don't" is inviting people to your event that don't live in the area you're performing. It's highly unlikely that a friend or fan from another state is going to travel a long distance to see you perform, unless you're famous and in that case you wouldn't be reading this. You should also think about the type of people you invite to your show. If you have a friend that's really loud and disruptive, then you probably don't want them at the show, because they'll probably just make your performance harder.

When it comes to a Facebook "Fan" page you can be more liberal with the people you invite. It doesn't hurt to have lots of likes on your page, although only a small percentage of those fans will actually see your posts. With that being said, invite people that truly support what you do. These people will like, comment, and share your content and beat the algorithms which will lead to organic reach, furthering the growth of your brand. You can also pay to boost your content and Facebook has great tools for targeting audiences. Diving into those tools is a whole other article beyond my expertise, but it is important to have a budget for marketing even if it's small one.

I hope you find these tips helpful. If you want to learn more tips about marketing your brand I highly recommend checking out the website of Josh Spector, who specializes in marketing. Here is a great article that he wrote about social media marketing for comedians. Have a great day and remember stay safe so you can live to love!

Dan B.

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