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Coping With Failure

I'm by no means an expert in anything, but I've had my fair share of failures in life, both personally and professionally. I just moved to a new city and can't find a stable source of income to support myself, topped by not gaining any traction with any of my creative endeavors I feel like the biggest failure yet in both my personal and professional lives. This of course stresses me out making me sad & depressed which then dampers my ability to be creative and productive. Don't worry about me as I'm slowly bouncing back.

No matter what aspect of life the failure comes from, coping is never easy, that's why self-care and mental health is important. Of course, that is easier said than done, but I wanted to share some things I've done to help cope with my failures.

Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD
Falls Park

Go for a walk or hike. Fresh air and exercise can really clear one's mind. When I lived in San Diego I went through a bad breakup. I was probably at my lowest point in life (at least that's how I felt). Hiking saved my mental state. I put on some tunes and just walked and enjoyed the outdoors. I would often hike a mountain and then when I reached the top I would just stare at the horizon. It was so massive that it made me realize how small my problems really were.

Another thing I've done is reading and meditation. Of course, my mind goes a million miles an hour, so this was not easy for me, but when I could focus, it did really help. Especially reading books to help improve myself and my wellbeing. One book I would highly recommend for this is "The Prophet" and there are many apps available to help with meditation.

Stay positive! I know this not easy when you feel like you're failing at anything. It is however, very important to stay positive, because as cliché as it is to say, "it could be worse", it really could be. Stay away from negativity especially toxic people. Find yourself a positive support system that will reinforce you and not tear you down (you're already down, aren't you?).

Talk to a friend. This goes with having a positive support system. In the current state of mental health and fighting demons (especially in entertainment) reach out. You may think you're alone and no one wants to listen, but that's false. We are all human therefore we all deal with similar situations. I've been very lucky to have a very supportive partner to talk to when I'm down along with a couple of good friends and it's helped more than I'd care to admit.

Man and woman together
My better half

Finally stay away from social media (this is hard for me) and especially don't POST to social media when your down. I've posted things when I'm down and it just added to my toxic thoughts and feelings. This ties everything else together. Disconnect yourself from the digital world and reset yourself. Instead of posting on social media start writing in a journal. Connect with real places, people, and things. Focus on hobbies and other interests to stay distracted.

The best way to conquer failure is to learn from it by reflecting our mistakes. I hope this helps you cope with failure.

Dan B.

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