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A Hitherto Guide To "The Art of Bombing"

The Art of Bombing has a had a lot of growing pains, especially with improving the audio quality. When I started this podcast I had no idea about audio recording so it's been a learning experience, but anyone that has listened since the beginning can attest that the sound quality has improved.

Andrew Deans outside
AOB Episode 50: Andrew Deans

It's hard to believe that this podcast is heading into season three. I have a track record for starting projects and then not following through. Truth be told when I started this podcast I had no idea what I wanted it to be other than I wanted to talk about bombing on stage and how comedians can learn from it. Really I just wanted to vent about bombing myself, but after two seasons I have a real vision for this show and it's to find success through failure.

Going into season three I plan to expand by talking to other professions & artists about failure in their careers, because I believe something can be learned by all failures. I've already had some great conversations as I'm building the bank for season three. Over the last two seasons I've had some great conversations and some not so great conversations, but I enjoyed them all and I learned something new from each conversation.

I've had people reach out to tell me that they enjoy the show and have learned a bunch from it and I'm thankful that it's serving it's purpose. A question I seem to get a lot from new listeners is "which episodes do you recommend?" to which I always reply with all of them. However there are some episodes that are pretty good for learning a thing or two so I decided to put this guide together of 10 episodes that I think are noteworthy and must listens. Some have great information and others were just great stories about bombing. Either way here they are...

Maura Gillan posing
AOB Episode 76: Maura Gillan

1) Episode 76: The most recent episode of the Art of Bombing and the season two finale episode 76 featured Maura Gillan a comedian based out of Lincoln, NE and soon to be based in Australia. Maura is also a resent college grad with a marketing degree. In this episode we talked about social media marketing and how marketing analysis could be applied to joke writing.

2) Episode 70: This episode featured a comedian from Omaha, NE, David Kousgaard. David has a remarkable story about starting a fight while trying to deal with a heckler. Which of course lead us into a conversation about dealing with hecklers. We also talked about the importance of having a life outside of your profession.

3) Episode 64: In this episode I talked to Natasa Warasch. Natasa didn't think she had ever bombed which would have defeated the purpose of recording. She was my first guest that thought this way. After a slow start to the conversation she realized she had bombed many times and we had a great conversation.

Rik Roberts performing stand up
AOB Episode 59: Rik Roberts

4) Episode 59: Episode 59 featured the fantastic corporate comedian Rik Roberts from the

"School Of Laughs". This episode is probably the most useful as Rik has been doing comedy for 30 plus years. He teaches writing, comedy, and had lots of useful things to share like asking lots of questions before taking gigs.

5) Episode 50: This was a milestone episode that featured Andrew Deans from San Diego, CA. The reason its noteworthy is because Andrew probably has one of the worst stories about bombing in all of comedy. He got booed and walked the whole audience!

Alonzo Bodden posing
AOB Episode 38: Alonzo Bodden

6) Episode 38: Episode 38 was one of my favorites as I talked to Alonzo Bodden from "Last Comic Standing". He has actually been one of my favorite comedians for a long while and it showed because I kind of "fan boy'd" out which made the conversation a little awkward, but Alonzo shared some great insight on comedy.

7) Episode 33: This was the first episode in which I talked to a performer that wasn't a comedian, but a burlesque dancer. Roman Hart joined me for a great conversation which proved that while comedy and burlesque are different, they are very alike.

8) Episode 27: This episode I was joined by Trenton Davis who wrote a very useful blog about grading comedy festivals in order to get the most out of them. We also talked about what success really means.

Roman Hart eating candy
AOB Episode 33: Roman Hart, Photo: H. Morgen Photography

9) Episode 26: Episode 26 features a great guide on submitting to comedy festivals. I'm joined by Brandon Young who's been my producing partner of multiple shows and festivals. We shared our insight on what we look for in video submissions along with working clean.

10) Episode 14: In this episode I was joined by Frank Castillo winner of season 2 of Comedy Central's "Roast Battle". Of course we talked about writing roast jokes, but more importantly we talked about the importance of being a nice person both personally and professionally.

While I could go on and on with this list because I am bias, but that is the list of 10 episodes I think are "must listens". A few others that are worth mentioning are the episodes with Norah Yang and Emily Burden as they were great conversations about comedy in other countries. A few fun ones for me were Richie Estrada, Ryan Shores, Sam Miller, Erikka Innes, and all the live episodes. All these episodes and more can be found at our website. Thanks for listening and I'm looking forward to bringing you more great episodes in season three!

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